Bonded Facilities (Dry Goods and Alcohol)

We provide custom bonded warehouse facilities for storing dutiable goods. These storage units allow for the deferment of payment of import duty and VAT until the goods are removed from the warehouse and sold. 

By choosing a bonded warehouse you can delay paying import duty and VAT on your imported stock until you have secured sale of the goods, thus saving a large initial outlay. This is also useful if once the goods have been imported you wish to re-export them outside of the UK where duty or VAT may not be payable. 

Bonded warehouses offer the importer cash flow advantages and options to re-export without paying duty should the goods not sell in the UK.

The two types of Bonded Warehouses we provide include:

Wet Bonded Warehouse
For storing alcohol, tobacco and other excisable goods. The duty on the goods may be paid or unpaid.

Dry Bonded Warehouse
For the storage of all goods other than alcohol and excisable goods.

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