IRHA Voices Concern Over Proposed Increase in M50 Toll Points

The Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA) has today, the 5th of June, voiced concern as to the implication an increase in tolling points on the M50 could potentially create for licensed road haulage operators.

Members of the IRHA are anxious that if the Irish Government introduces additional tolling points it will render many haulage enterprises inoperable, while their out-of-state competitors would contribute nothing to the upkeep of the nation’s roads, despite being using extensively.

Commenting after the publication of the NRA report, President of the IRHA Eoin Gavin stated: “This latest announcement is very concerning for our industry and creates even greater urgency on the need to overhaul the commercial vehicle road tax system in Ireland. A change in policy to the charging of commercial traffic is required by Government”.

Mr Gavin went on to say “The IRHA will be meeting with the Department of Environment in the coming weeks and we will be calling for the introduction of a nationwide ‘pay-as-you-go’ road user charge for commercial vehicles, such as a Eurovignette. If our exports are to remain competitive, a radically revised mechanism must be implemented by Government”.