Environmental Policy

EAGLE OVERSEAS, in pursuit of its mission, “is and has been totally committed to the protection of the working and living environment as well as the conservation of resources”.

This commitment can be emphasised by the organisations ability to provide an effective and reliable service to its customer base.

We recognise however, by the very nature of the services we offer that, from time to time, we operate in environmentally hostile situations.

We do all that is reasonable and practical to minimise any further impact we have on the environment through our operations.

As part of our continuing drive for quality in all the services we provide, we have a structured Environmental Management System which is communicated to all levels of employees, so that these conditions are put into practice on a day to day basis.

The company prides itself on having competent and dedicated supervisory staff, who are committed to undertaking first-line auditing on environmental impact as jobs progress through to completion. This self-monitoring practice goes a long way towards ensuring the elimination or minimisation of environmental hazards encountered in providing our service on a client’s site.

In all aspects of operations undertaken by the company, compliance with the relevant environmental legislation strictly adhered to. Through adopting a continuous policy of researching and improving work methods, the company strives to contribute to the future standards of environmental protection within our sector.

All commercial decisions made within our company take into account their possible impact on the environment. All employees within the company and associated business’s have an obligation to protect the living and working environment.

The implementation, control and monitoring of our Environmental Management System is under the direct supervision of a senior executive within the company.

To conclude, this business strives towards its environmental aspirations by closely focusing on seven key areas:

  1. Training personnel on Environmental issues.
  2. Minimise waste by evaluating our operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.
  3. Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers.
  4. Supervisory and Project Management.
  5. Strict Quality Assurance procedures.
  6. Environmentally sound disposal systems in accordance with current legislation.
  7. Clear internal/external communications on Environmental issues.