Supplier and Vendor Managed Inventory

With EOS’ SMI & VMI the Supplier /Vendor retains ownership of product, stores inventory and delivers using EOS as their preferred provider ‘just in time’ based upon their customer’s needs.

Supplier and Vendor Managed Inventory

Without using SMI/VMI, you must guarantee you always have the necessary stock available to meet the demand for your products. This could lead to having safety stock as a precaution in situations where you cannot receive more stock in time or due to an increase in manufacturing lead times of raw materials.

SMI/VMI helps reduce your safety stock onsite and lower your inventory levels by ensuring you receive your products before you need them but not too early.

Why chose SMI & VMI with EOS?

Better Data Insights:

As SMI/VMI relies on your sales and inventory to make forecasted decisions. Your business can use this data to streamline procurement, logistics and utilise your internal storage footprint.


Reduce long in-transit lead times:

Long lead times make it harder to manage future inventory levels against forecasted demand, using a SMI/VMI model ensures your business has the security of inventory at an offsite location close to your site.

Improve Visibility:

Track the movement of goods from origin through each carrier/shipper, customs, and to the ultimate destination warehouse.


Accurate Forecasting:

EOS Warehousing will support with the day-to-day management of your inventory. We can use the data from your business systems to determine when and how much of a product your business will receive to maintain an agreed inventory level.